Morocco.  Just the name sounds exotic.  Like someplace you can only dream of visiting.  But Wanderlust Voyages is ready to help turn those dreams into reality!  Whether you are looking for adventure, culture, history, or just relaxation in the sand, Morocco provides an unforgettable experience for anyone.  From the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea to the red dunes of the Sahara Desert, from the calm of remote villages in the Atlas Mountains to the bustle of Marrakech, there is something for everyone in Morocco!  The breathtaking natural beauty, the rich history dating back millenia, the exquisite architecture, and the mouthwatering cuisine are all waiting for you to explore.

Imagine waking up in the midst of the towering red sand dunes.  Speeding through the desert in a dune buggy.  Ride a camel into your luxury camp.  Learn to make traditional Berber dishes, including how to bake bread in the sands the way nomads have for centuries as they crossed the Sahara.  You can do all of this and more in Morocco’s Sahara Desert.


If you want to complete your outdoor adventures, you can hike, rock climb, or even paraglide in the Atlas Mountains.  There is also incredible surfing on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, as well as diving up near Tangier in the Mediterranean.  You can even ski in the depths of winter or go white water rafting in the spring!

If relaxation is more your speed, Morocco is home to countless spas and hammams, from budget to luxury.  Or maybe you are a golfer, and want to play courses that are on the PGA tour or perhaps the oldest course in the country, commissioned by the King.  Perhaps you want to delve into the rich history of Moroccan cuisine, learning about the spices, tagines, breads, and, of course, Moroccan tea, maybe getting hands on with a cooking class.  Or expand your hands on experiences with learning about Moroccan handicrafts making your own mosaics, wood carvings, Moroccan leather slippers, or even a drum made of fish leather stretched over a ceramic base.


While Morocco is a fascinating country, it can also be daunting to navigate.  Wanderlust Voyages is here to help you plan everything from the activities to the accommodations to the transportation.  From the itinerary planning to the final drop off by our transportation in Morocco, we strive to provide travelers with an exceptional experience, tailored to them.  Our expert team offers in-depth knowledge of the country, able to provide unique experiences to wow any travelers.

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