Accepting the TRUE Code



When you make the decision to start accepting TRUE, you're positioning your travel brand to attract agencies who have been accredited through CCRA. Through our stringent screening and extensive agent education programs, we ensure that you've got the most active and educated agents selling your product.

What does acceptance look like?

Here's a look at what it takes to make TRUE work for you:



The first step in successfully accepting the TRUE code is to ensure that your enterprise has a means of recording, tracking and managing the codes, whether it be integrated into your online booking platform or your travel agency registration process.



As soon as you decide to start accepting TRUE, you'll start hearing from our agents. When that happens, it is critical that all members of your team know that this code is now accepted and can relay that information to any agents who inquire. We can help!



CCRA provides a full range of logos and branding assets that you can start to incorporate into your travel agency communications, your website or any other touchpoint that will help our agents recognize you as a TRUE supplier. This is critical in helping you stand out from the pack.



When you're operationally ready to accept the code, your staff is fully aware, and your branding reflects it, it's now time to drive loyalty amongst our agencies through marketing and specials designed just for them. Our agencies are extremely loyal to our travel suppliers.

Marketing Opportunities

We've got lots of creative ways to get your brand in front of our agencies. Here are just a few of the things we can provide to help you make the most of this valuable distribution channel.


We can provide you with full access to the PowerSolutions Online, CCRA University and Members Only education platforms. Whether a live webinar, a syndicated webcast or a presence at one of our live events, we'll make it work for you!

Live Events

CCRA holds meetings, events and trade shows at the local, regional and national level. We can get you in front of agents at their chapter meetings, our PowerSolutions LIVE event series and the Travel Agent Forums each year in some pretty creative ways!

Digital Campaigns

CCRA has completely overhauled our digital communications, and with lots of options for private emails, weekly newsletters, our award-winning blog and more, we can keep your brand out there and bringing you travel agency business.

Co-Op Marketing

We've partnered with the top publications in the travel space to provide amazing opportunities to market your brand in conjunction with other CCRA suppliers. This can give a real boost to your brand and help make you a part of our agencies' packages.

Ready to Start Accepting the TRUE Code?

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Who's Behind A TRUE Travel Agency?

This is who you'll be connecting with when you decide to accept the TRUE code.

How We Accredit

    Our Accreditation Criteria

  • Travel Agencies must demonstrate at least 6 months of selling travel professionally.
  • All seller of travel and state licensure requirements must be met where applicable.
  • Agencies must be an established corporate entity.
  • Agencies must have an established business bank account.
  • The code and membership benefits cover 5 individuals within one agency. Additional agents must meet certain requirements and pay a fee.

Our Accredited Agencies

  • Leisure Focused95%
  • Use TRUE for Cruise Bookings90%
  • Use TRUE for Hotel Bookings90%
  • Come to CCRA for Training95%
  • Renew Every Year99%
TRUE Agencies
In the USA
Open Rate
Renewal Rate
Years of Experience
On Average