From towering mountain peaks to plunging waterfalls, the Palouse region is a nature lover’s paradise. Here are some notable places to add to your travel bucket list for a Pacific Northwest adventure.

Kamiak Butte rises out of the rolling Palouse farmland to an elevation of 3,641 feet. Forming something of a forested island, it offers some of the only hiking opportunities in an area where agriculture is king. Hikers who venture to the summit are rewarded with a rolling patchwork of green and yellow fields in every direction, and bright blue skies overhead.

Steptoe Butte offers 3,612-foot summit views of a unique landscape. The butte contains some of the oldest rock in the Pacific Northwest, and it marks the border of the original North American Continent.

Rose Creek Nature Preserve is a special place located only 7.5 miles northwest of Pullman, Washington. The 22-acre preserve is bisected by Rose Creek with a plant community of native bunchgrass species in the upland, and a lush community of species such as Fendler’s waterleaf, and purple trillium in the wet meadow.

Waterfalls are a staple in the Pacific Northwest, and the promise of a beautiful waterfall is often the inspiration and motivation for adventure. The 198-foot Palouse Falls is among the last active waterfall on the Ice Age floods path, and deemed the official waterfall of Washington State.

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