Travel Advisor StartUp

Do you Love to travel?

Ever think of turning that passion into a fun, fulfilling, and lucrative career – but not sure where to start? Your Roadmap to becoming a Successful Travel Advisor is Here...

As a time-honored international travel brand established more than 50 years ago, we are thrilled to present our new Travel Advisor StartUp program designed to be your step-by-step guide on how to start your own travel business.


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In case you didn’t know – Now is the best time to get into the business of Travel. Here’s Why:

Travel is booming!

Ready for a vacation? Isn’t everyone? Post-pandemic travel is in ultra-high demand. People are allocating more funds than ever to their travel budgets to enjoy vacation experiences after two years of not being able to travel. In fact, air travel is almost back to pre-pandemic levels and many travel agencies are reporting record-level increases in bookings.

You Can Work from Anywhere

Do you value the flexibility of being able to work virtually? The business of a travel advisor is a digital business, allowing you to work anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi connection – whether you are working from home, on a beach, or in a dreamy destination across the globe! Further, being a travel advisor also gives you the flexibility to work on your timeline and create your own schedule.

Earn Revenue

Start by supplementing your current income. As you learn the business, you’ll have ongoing opportunities to grow your revenue and increase business at your own pace without the need to recruit others. You’ll learn skills you need to help you market your business.

Minimal Startup

Start your own entrepreneurial travel business for less than $1K! Our Travel Advisor StartUp program features membership in the CCRA Travel Advisor Global Network and includes:comprehensive training, introduction to travel suppliers to begin building relationships, and mentorship from an experienced team with decadesof travel industry experience. You can even start part time and work on your own terms.

This Industry is Fun and Fulfilling!

From perks and discounts to VIP events, and beyond to supplier sponsored familiarization trips that get you acquainted with destinations, cruises, hotels and resorts – as a travel advisor, you will create relationships across the globe and get to enjoy some of the world’s top destinations and travel experiences

What makes the Travel Advisor Startup Program the Definitive Way to Start Your Travel Business…

Created by experienced travel advisors and travel industry veterans, see the unparalleled benefits of CCRA’s Travel Advisor Startup program:

  • Industry Leading Training designed to give you the foundational education you need to launch and propel your career in travel
  • Commissions of up to 20% on travel you book right away!
  • Proprietary, user-friendly Computer Reservations System to manage your agency and your clients, and make running your travel business seamless and easy
  • Access to thousands of preferred suppliers to bring you the highest revenue on all types of travel across the globe
  • Specialized support provided by industry experts and mentors
  • Local CCRA travel advisor network chapter meetings and events for ongoing mentoring and support
  • Special promotions, bonus perks, and valuable training opportunities – all included!

What You’ll Learn

Your education will begin with a walk-through of the basics. You will learn about cruises, types of itineraries, and specific cruise lines, and even take a virtual tour of a cruise ship!

We’ll cover the main elements of putting together travel itineraries and tours in destinations that you may not have traveled to. We’ll cover all the components of trip planning like travel insurance, airfare, and travel specialties.

Learning about the travel industry isn’t all about making a travel booking. We’ll provide you with a 101 on how to market your travel agency and give our best tips for growing your business.

The core education segments of the program include 13 modules, each designed to provide you with a strong foundation. The lessons are taught online by video and are self-paced.

It’s a quick path to getting your agency up and running quickly. Once you’ve finished the program, and completed your certification, you’ll have earned the designation of a Recognized Travel Advisor.


Module 1

Niche Markets

Module 2


Module 3

All Inclusive Resorts

Module 4

Land Vacations

Module 5


Module 6

Air Travel

Module 7

Travel Protection

Module 8

Customer Service

Module 9


Module 10


Module 11

Developing Your Travel Business

Module 12

Becoming a Recognized Travel Advisor

Module 13


Get our free download now – The Travel Insider’s Guide: Your Top Questions Answered about Becoming a Successful Travel Advisor!


Note: TAS program is currently available for residents of the U.S.