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     January 27, 2016

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     Clavia Howard, CTA

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Serving Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Clavia Howard, CTA
Clavia Howard, CTA
Clavia Howard, CTA

CCRA Atlanta Chapter Director

Meet Your Atlanta Area Chapter Director,
Clavia Howard!

Clavia has over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, which ranged from working with airlines and resorts, to now having her own agency. She also has an IT background which allows her to stay up to speed with the latest technologies available to the travel agency market. Clavia looks forward to heading up the Atlanta chapter while building new relationships with fellow agents and suppliers.

A Litte More About CCRA and the Atlanta Chapter

Who typically joins CCRA?

Typically, travel professionals of all experience levels join us with different goals in mind, like:

  • Getting to know their local circle of travel professionals and what they do
  • Leveraging the expertise of their peers to strengthen their knowledge and generate more business
  • Establishing a network of agents to grant referrals to when you get clients that don't fit your business model
  • Establishing your agency as a referral for other agents who get leads they aren't able to fulfill
  • Seeking our qualified Independent Contractors to add to your agency
  • Positioning yourself as a qualified IC interested in joining up with a larger travel agency
  • Connecting with local supplier BDMs that work with Atlanta area travel agents
What are meetings like?

Chapter Meetings tend to occur about every 6 weeks, with lots of different focus areas:

  • The latest trends in digital marketing and branding
  • A presentation from a CCRA Supplier Partner on their latest offerings for your clients
  • Discussions on industry issues affecting our industry
  • Opportunities to ask and answer questions from other agencies seeking advice
  • A relaxed, casual atmosphere with food and drink
  • A chance to get up to speed on CCRA and new opportunities to enhance your business
  • ...and lots more!
What benefits do I get as a Travel Agency?

Benefits vary depending on your membership level within CCRA, or if you are checking out a meeting while considering membership, like:

  • Getting to know the other members in the chapter and how your business fits within the group
  • Meeting yours truly and determining if I can help you reach your marketing, branding and sales goals
  • Getting you more closely acquainted with the membership benefits and products
  • Introducing you to new suppliers who may have travel offers your clients are looking for
  • Keeping an ongoing dialogue with your peers about your business goals and getting valuable feedback
How can I connect with this chapter as a supplier?
CCRA schedules our Supplier Partner opportunities to meet with and educate chapters on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in connecting with the Atlanta Chapter:

  • First, be sure that your organization is listed as an active member of CCRA by checking this list.
  • If you aren't a current member, please view your membership options here.
  • Once you join, you will be contacted about setting up appointments to speak with our chapters.
  • If you are already a member, please email Clavia Howard to schedule your meeting with the Atlanta Chapter.
What if I need help deciding?

No problem! You can reach out to your Atlanta Chapter Director, Clavia Howard or to the main Membership Services Team at CCRA

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