Travel Agents’ Top Destination Choices for 2017

If anyone knows hot travel destinations, it’s travel agents. That is why we asked agents for their top destination choices for 2017 in our recent 2017 Agency Outlook Survey. We decided to share one “hot spot” for every month of the year.

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Say Hello to CCRA’s Newest Chapter Directors!

The new year is already off to fantastic start and we have a lot to be excited about for 2017. Part of what makes it all possible is our dedicated Chapter Directors, and we would like it if you could join us in giving some of our newest additions a warm welcome to the CCRA Community.

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2017 Agency Outlook Survey Results

Over 1,000 travel professionals completed CCRA’s 2017 Agency Outlook Survey, which gathered information on the importance of continuing educational opportunities, industry events, supplier recommendations as it assesses their overall industry outlook for the new year.

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Sep. 27th is World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day celebrates the acceptance that all individuals, regardless of accessibility, should be able to enjoy leisure travel and tourism without any obstacles. Since its inception, World Tourism Day is celebrated annually on September 27th to bring awareness globally to the importance of tourism for all individuals.

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4 Things You Should Bring to Every Networking Event

Lately we have been talking a lot about networking and how important it is to get out there and promote your travel agency. As we have touched on in previous posts, networking can lead to lots of great things: referrals, new supplier contacts, some great industry friends, and much more. How do you prepare yourself to attend a networking event, and more importantly, what should you bring with you?

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Building a Top Tier Supplier Network

How to Build a Top-Tier Supplier Network in Record Time

We sat down with our Vice President of Membership Services, Margie Jordan, who is also the President and CEO of Jordan Executive Travel Services, to discuss how to build a top-tier supplier network in a way that will not only help you grow your travel business through steady commissions, but incredible customer service.

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How FAM Trips Can Benefit Travel Agents

How FAM Trips Benefit Travel Agents

FAM Trips, or Familiarization Trips are an amazing resource to help grow or strengthen your travel agency. The investment is well worth it, continue reading to see how to get the most out of your next FAM trip.

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The Rise od Destination Expert And What They Means For Travel Agents

The Rise of Destination Experts & What That Means For Travel Agents

Travel trends are constantly changing and evolving. One that seems to be on the rise currently is that travelers are seeking more exotic and exciting vacation destinations. This is an intriguing challenge for travel professionals, and the best way to appeal to a new, more diverse clientele is to market yourself in every way possible as a Destination Expert.

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Why CCRA PowerSolutions Events Should Be On Your Radar

PowerSolutions Live provide travel agents with useful tools and takeaways to help take their travel agency to the next level. Learn about how PowerSolutions can help you get face-to-face with top suppliers and get ahead of the competition.

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PowerSolutions Live Quito, Ecuador

CCRA Brings FAM and Global PowerSolutions to Quito, Ecuador in November

CCRA will be hosting the first ever FAM trip and Global PowerSolutions event in Quito, Ecuador on Thursday, November 10, 2016. Quito is the second Global PowerSolutions Live, and will be featuring Alex Fiz, Regional Vice President Sales & Marketing Caribbean and Latin American Region with Marriott.

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