The past’s exquisite beauty

Only a love story could have inspired the beauty of this 17th century house in Querétaro, that stands out thanks to its Baroque style, carved stone, and Moorish details. Only a breathtaking place like this can become one of the loveliest hotels in the Curamoria Collection: Casa de la Marquesa, a magical place that makes traveling in time possible, arriving to a period when art and exclusive details defined a lifestyle. Today, this lifestyle is confirmed by those who arrive and delight in contemplating the art that envelops this antique house, with a Mozarabic architecture that still maintains the charm and glamour of its time, with details like high ceilings, carved arches, and harmonically designed tiles. Casa de la Marquesa is a place for returning to an exquisite world and feeling the pleasure of being special.

Querétaro, timeless cultural richness

La Casa de la Marquesa is a fundamental part of Querétaro’s history and cultural life. Located in the city’s historic center, it is ideal for those who want to delve into the destination’s atmosphere, walk its streets, and admire the legacy that made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hotel’s location, close to historic sites, museums, and galleries, such as Plaza de los Fundadores, the iconic Acueducto, or Jardín Zenea, completes an experience that lifts the spirits and delights guests with the city’s cultural richness, intense artistic activity, and of course, its great culinary offerings.