5 Reasons to Stay at the Hotel Zags

From its stunning hiking trails, to its world-class breweries, Portland truly does have it all. Home to hardcore cyclists, passionate vegans, and generally awesome people, it is a must-visit destination as you daydream about your next weekend getaway. Plus, how many places can you name where it is perfectly acceptable to roll up to a 5-star restaurant sporting your favorite down jacket and hiking boots? Amazing.

The Hotel Zags is an inclusive and outdoors-centric hotel property which celebrates all of Portland’s weirdness. Located in the heart of the city, The Hotel Zags is the perfect base camp for those eager to explore downtown Portland’s culture and the Pacific Northwest’s wild spaces. As you plan your next PNW getaway, here is why The Hotel Zags should be at the top of your list:


  • Central Location

As mentioned, the Hotel Zags is conveniently located in downtown Portland’s fountain district. It is just five blocks from the Willamette River and less than a two-hour drive to Mt. Hood. Take a walking tour of nearby art galleries one day, and hit the slopes the next! It is a perfect location for anyone looking to pack a lot of activities into a quick weekend trip.


  • Champions Inclusivity

The Hotel Zags is standalone in its approach to inclusivity. The hotel aims to promote diversity and inclusion through their daily operations. They also support their community through partnerships, programs and events. Most recently, the hotel announced their support of Pride NW’s Never Look Away mural, celebrating the beauty and struggle of Oregon’s LGBTQ+ community.


  • Gear Shed

But their most unique amenity? The hotel sports an awesome Gear Shed which gives guests access to outdoor gear and equipment such as bikes, helmets, fishing rods, cameras, backpacks, scooters, yoga mats, GoPros and more. The property is also located four blocks away from Waterfront Park along the Willamette River! This makes it an ideal stay for outdoorsy travelers looking for a base camp that supports their PNW adventures while keeping their own luggage light.


  • Pet-Friendly

Want to get away for the weekend but can’t bear the thought of leaving your pup at home? Bring them along for the fun! The Hotel Zags is pet-friendly and loves dogs! Its proximity to the park and river make it a fun and hassle-free place to travel with your pups. The hotel also offers some uniquely Portland experiences, such as their “Belly Rubs & Chill” package, which gives you a CBD-infused beverage and your dog some soothing hemp oil treats.


  • Night Market Excitement

 Discover the heart of Portland’s local culture at the lively Hotel Zags Night Markets! Surround yourself with talented artisans and vendors presenting one-of-a-kind handcrafted goods and delicious artisanal treats. Delight in live music performed by local bands and sip on specially crafted cocktails, all within a magical atmosphere. Don’t pass up the chance to be part of this unforgettable vendor extravaganza!


Need any more reasons to book your stay at The Hotel Zags?

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We look forward to getting weird with you in Portland soon!