The future is on track for A&S Signature Journeys located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This creative and dedicated team is led by seasoned travel pro-Sheri Fazleabas. The company is growing outbound international travel by adding new countries and tours, enhancing their Management Information Systems (M.I.S.), and increasing client interaction through education incorporated with technology.

“We are nationally known for our expertise for South America, Asia and Africa, but we are adding tours for the Middle East, opening up experiences in Patagonia and Antarctica, and packaging the United Arab Emirates with the Maldives has kept interest levels and bookings high,” says Fazleabas.

“People want and deserve a fabulous trip. They have been locked up for so long and feel a pent-up desire to travel to multiple exotic locations. They want to maximize their vacation; this is why our U.A.E. and Maldives combination trips are so appealing. We think the same will be true for Patagonia and Antarctica and know the Middle East will be highly coveted as people’s desires to reconnect raise”.

With the increased traffic, enhancing the company’s M.I.S. was next on Sheri’s list. This is a complicated affair and not for the faint of heart. A&S Signature Journeys tackled this problem head-on and is now better positioned than other tour operators to quickly and efficiently streamline the booking process. Being so customer-focused, it is no surprise they just were recognized by Lux for their outstanding customer service.

Being a tech-savvy and customer service-driven company has led to another advancement by A&S Signature Journeys; they have implemented an app that provides the user with a daily itinerary and allows them to create a daily journal and store their photographs. Most importantly, real-time alerts let our clients know of any changes in their flight schedules. “People love our app, and we find it to be a fantastic way to provide additional destination information and to communicate with the customer without being intrusive during their travels.”