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Serving Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, Lancaster County and the surrounding areas.
Beverly Chern, ACC
Beverly Chern, ACC
Beverly Chern, ACC

CCRA Greater Philadelphia Area Chapter Director


Meet your Philly Area Chapter Director, Bev Chern!

Thank you so much for checking out our CCRA Philadelphia Chapter page! I love being the Philadelphia Chapter Director with CCRA and being able to network with our suppliers and chapter members while learning and having fun together, in addition to forming friendships. We have about 10 meetings a year in addition to going on ship tours. I like to think outside the box and welcome all suggestions.

I started in the travel industry in 1977; stopped to raise a family and started up again in 2005. I joined OSSN (now CCRA) and I went out on my own with my TRUE code in 2006. It was the best decision I ever made. Having the TRUE Code enabled me to have my own agency, be my own boss, not have to answer to others and not have to share my commissions. I love my CCRA family and hope you will join us at our meetings and become part of our family too.

Please connect with me to learn more about what CCRA can do for you.

About CCRA Membership

I recommend joining CCRA as an Accredited Agency, and apply for a TRUE code. This is the best way to obtain a real travel industry accreditation based on your education, expertise and dedication to your business. I can help you through the process and get you ready to take that next step.

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