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Shawn Waller
Shawn Waller
Shawn Waller

CCRA Northern Virginia and DC Chapter Director

Meet Your Northern Virginia and DC Area Chapter Director, Shawn Waller!

I am the Founder & CEO of Waller Travel Group. Waller Travel Group is a Boutique Host Agency that focuses on an agile process of training and growing agency talent and revenue by customized 1-on-1 training, personal development, and crafting the agency experience to the incoming agent's personality.

I joined the travel industry in 2015 after planning my destination wedding in Costa Rica. This was my first international trip and I fell in love with exploring other countries. After finding a resort, setting up our wedding process, and coordinating the entire event with the onsite wedding planner, we gave money to an agent to book everything for us. It was at that moment the lightbulb went off! I can do this. I can plan travel and give people an all encompassing experience where I take the worry off of their shoulders.

I spent the next two years researching host agencies and any information I could get my hands on regarding the travel industry. Prior to starting Waller Travel Group, I joined a MLM Host Agency, then later joined a traditional host agency. As my specialty and desire to do group travel grew, I started my own host agency to develop a stronger bond with travel vendors and have additional flexibility to craft group trips the way I desired.

As I learned the industry, I gained a desire to share this knowledge with others. I learned as much as I could about the industry, then branched off to build a team to assist with giving clients the same experience, but with niche focuses. I, through Waller Travel Group, aim to show as many clients and agents the unique attributes of different countries and cultures in order to experience what the world has to offer.

Please connect with me to learn more about what CCRA can do for you. .

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