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Rashida Casey-Reynolds
Rashida Casey-Reynolds
Rashida Casey-Reynolds

CCRA Fort Worth Area Chapter Director

(817) 631-9116

Meet Your Houston Chapter Director, Rashida Casey-Reynolds

Wow! What an awesome opportunity, a great pleasure and joy it is to represent the great state of Texas, and the wonderful home city location of CCRA, Fort Worth, as the new Chapter Director! I am Rashida Casey-Reynolds and I am honored to have the privilege of becoming the CCRA Fort Worth Chapter Director. Just a little about me. I am a retired military veteran, mom of two, wife, teacher, servant leader, and community partner facilitator, who has always had a heart and passion for education, travel, and philanthropic endeavors. I traveled extensively while on active duty in the military and was often the go to person for friends and family members when they wanted to travel and/or needed someone to find them an awesome flight, hotel, rental car, or weekend getaway. So, in 2016, when I was presented with an opportunity to become a home-based travel advisor through a host agency, I jumped right in, feet first, and did all that I could to learn as much as I could.

Along my journey, in 2017, I begin to meet and network with fully, independently owned agents, who shared information, advice, and coaching on how to become fully and independently owned. I researched, inquired, asked lots of questions, made a plan, and finally decided that was what I wanted to do. Thus, in 2018, I transitioned over to becoming my own, home-based, independently owned and operated travel business owner. I say this because I give credit where credit is due, and had it not been for someone else believing in and guiding me along and helping me through my journey, I would not be able to be in a position like this as your new Chapter Director.

Because I am a life learner, I take pride in learning from others, and teaching others as well. I am a true and authentic person and will make every effort to help anyone that I can. Please know that I am looking forward to meeting and networking with current and future chapter member, as well as, bringing in awesome suppliers to help each of us build, and expand our brands, while taking our businesses to the next level. Not only will this opportunity give the chapter members a chance to network with and learn how to better serve our clients, with information provided by our supplier partners and BDMs, it will also serve as a place for collaboration and building great working relationships with our suppliers, all while helping to build repeat clientele for us and our partners.

Although our chapter hasn’t been active in a while, it is my hope to help re-build and grow the Fort Worth Chapter, create a sense pride amongst the members, and to help cultivate and solidify lasting relationships and partnerships with our suppliers and BDMs. So, if you are in our immediate and/or surrounding areas, I invite you to come join us as we build and grow together, making the Fort Worth Chapter one of the best in the CCRA Family!

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