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Dawn Garza
Dawn Garza
Dawn Garza

CCRA Dallas Area Chapter Director


Meet Your Dallas/Fort Worth Area Chapter Director, Dawn Garza

I have been a retail Travel Agent for 35 years. I have owned and operated 4 retail locations in the Dallas area and presently in McKinney, Texas. I am passionate about what I do and I take much pride in my work. I love the creative aspect of our job and I enjoy building relationships and creating memorable experiences for my clients. First and foremost, I am a Leisure Vacation Specialist with over 20 Destination Certifications and Accreditations. In the last 15 years, with the help of a valued colleague, I have built a lucrative group and incentive business that compliments my vacation travel business. I enjoy sharing my experience and teaching newcomers to our industry, to be professional and efficient in this ever-changing business. I have been an OSSN/CCRA member for almost 10 years and value my TRUE membership benefits. I look forward to serving as the Dallas Area Chapter Director and helping it's members succeed and build the business they want.

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I recommend joining CCRA as an Accredited Agency, and apply for a TRUE code. This is the best way to obtain a real travel industry accreditation based on your education, expertise and dedication to your business. I can help you through the process and get you ready to take that next step.

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