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CCRA has thriving markets in South America, including Ecuador. Joining us is a great way to harness the power of the US travel market, connect with new suppliers and grow your business.
Susana Rodriguez
Susana Rodriguez
Susana Rodriguez

Director | CCRA Ecuador

+ 58 414 2430292

Meet Your Director, Susana Rodriguez!

Susana is responsible for communicating the value of the TRUE Global Supplier Network in Ecuador. She works to ensure that our travel agency customers see the depth of the program and the vast selection of suppliers they can work with once they have their TRUE code. She also educates supplier partners about the critical need for experienced, educated and dedicated travel professionals to be able to distribute their products globally.

Ms. Rodriguez is responsible for ensuring that our Ecuador market brings you the very best suppliers we have to offer, and that our members in Ecuador are making the most of their memberships.

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