The Pool

Perhaps the most iconic feature of The Joule, our unique 8-foot cantilevered pool gives guests the sensation of swimming out beyond the hotel’s edge. Equally voyeuristic for those swimming or those standing on the street below, it gives “hanging out by the pool” a whole new meaning.


Weekend Coffee

Guests and locals buzz to this caffeinated gem. Start early with artisanal espresso and house-made breakfast pastries, stop in for cold brew and matcha in the afternoon, and wind down your evening with one of the city’s best chai tea lattes. Going out later? Ask for it dirty!


The Eye At The Joule

Tony Tasset’s larger-than-life optic sculpture, Eye, has become one of the most iconic (and rumor-generating) fixtures on Main Street.

The 30-foot-tall fiberglass, resin, and steel sculpture is a replica of the American multimedia artist’s own eye. Referencing everything from a pharaoh’s eye, a Masonic eye, and the eye of “Big Brother,” the piece ultimately means “whatever you want,” says Tasset. “Eye is one of those images that has taken on a number of meanings over the years. God and consciousness are just two of them.”

Originally commissioned as part of the Chicago Loop Alliance’s Art Loop program, Eye made its debut in the Windy City’s Pritzker Park in 2010 before arriving in its new Dallas home three years later. Since then, it has become the city’s most unique private event space and the site of the annual Dallas Art Fair’s closing soiree The Eye Ball, along with countless weddings, parties, yoga classes, and selfies.


The Spa

Rated #1 spa in Texas by Spas of America, The Spa at The Joule is a subterranean oasis with a holistic approach to wellness. Custom facials, holistic body rituals, and restorative massages are among the most sought-after treatments.  Drawing inspiration from geothermal energy, The Spa at The Joule offers a journey of European heat experiences, high-performance skincare treatments, and restorative body rituals. Before you check out, shop a full range of products from Biologique Recherche, Environ, Niven Morgan, and more.


Midnight Rambler

Creative cocktails, good time vibes, and sonic moods await you at our subterranean cocktail lounge. The menu, crafted by award-winning Best Bartender in Dallas, Gabe Sanchez, offers refreshments for adventurous palates and traditionalists alike.


On weekends, catch some of the city’s most talented and up-and-comings DJs. Inspired by the eclectic, innovative soul of jazz, funk, rock, and afro-beat, Midnight Rambler is always cool without trying too hard—just as cool should be.


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