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Want to know why more than half of the top 100 corporate travel agencies in the US trust their after hours services to us?

Let's start with the lowest reported hold times. Then add a unique staffing approach that employs only the most seasoned agents on a 4-days on, 4-days off schedule so you've always got a friendly, energetic and engaged agent ready to assist. And our agents are located in every state and almost every major metropolitan area - so when weather is an issue, we aren't impacted.

Inside the Call Center

With our state of the art technology and our innovative approach to staffing, we're ready to put our 40 years of expertise to work for you.

Call Center Operations

Call Center Operations

Our Operations Managers, Lead Agents, Reservation Agents, VIP Agents, Ticketing Managers and Ticketing Agents do everything required to ensure your travelers are safe and happy.


Agent <br>Training

Our Agent Training team ensures that all of our agents are well trained on all of the relevant technology and systems needed to service your clients. This includes four Training Managers and Trainers.



Our Customer Care team is made up of Customer Care Managers who's sole focus is to ensure that your requests and needs are being handled efficiently and with the level of service your travelers expect.


Account <br>Management

The Account Management team ensures that you are well informed of your account performance, any trends or compelling data, and that you are taking advantage of every available service.


years in this business has made us pretty darn good at what we do.


of the Travel Weekly Top 100 Travel Agencies call CCRA home.


transactions are processed in our call center each year - that's a whole lot.


of our calls are digitally recorded for easy access.

Did We Mention This?

Here are just a few more reasons why a partnership with us just makes sense.
We can offer you all of the items below as part of your custom package or as an add on.

Value Added Features

The Lowest Average Hold Times
CCRA’s implementation of a unique “4 Days On / 4 Days Off” agent scheduling strategy gives us the ability to quickly secure additional coverage when crises arise, which in turn allows us to consistently deliver the lowest average hold times in the industry. Moreover, our agent network is virtual, so we are not susceptible to local weather issues or disasters that can affect some call centers.
100% Digital Voice Recordings
Only CCRA records 100% of all call activity between our agents and your clients—every minute of every call. Moreover, these digital recordings are stored indefinitely and can be made available to you upon request. This service eliminates “he said, she said” scenarios, allowing your agency to prove you are consistently enforcing the travel policies of your corporate accounts.
Secure Facility Backup
Can your agency risk working with an emergency call center that is itself unprotected? CCRA has made a significant investment in a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for its technology infrastructure and your data. Rest assured, with our hot site redundancy strategy, CCRA can quickly recover from unanticipated disruptions and any major catastrophic event.
A Dedicated Account Manager
CCRA will provide a dedicated account manager if your agency averages 200 or more calls a month to ensure extra attention to help our agency partners maximize their investment in our services.
Whisper and Pop-Up Technology
Your agency’s travelers will be recognized the second they connect with a CCRA agent for assistance. CCRA’s Whisper and Pop-Up technology provides our agents with the ability to immediately recognize your agency and/or client. Our pop-up technology also provides our agents with additional information specific to your account and/or client.
Real-Time Online Reporting
These reports include full detail of call transactions, and can be easily downloaded into Excel for integration with other internal reports that you may create for your clients.
Discounted Mid-Day Assist
We know that sometimes you need to take all your agents off the phones (training class, staff meeting, company gathering), and we’re here to help. Whenever you forward your weekday calls to us between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm Pacific, you receive our “off-peak,” discounted price-per-call.
Access to Negotiated Hotel Rates
As a client of our Call Center, you'll have access to our Negotiated Rate Program, allowing you access to special amenities for your travelers as well as revenue and commission opportunities!
No-Charge Service Fees
There is no charge to quote and collect the service fees you wish to assess directly to your client.
VIP Personal Touch Numbers
We don't charge to set up and manage VIP call-in numbers for your most highly-valued clients.
Phone numbers will be provided for each of your branch locations to assist in expediting the call handling process and improve your clients’ overall experience with CCRA. Personalized numbers can also be provided to your top accounts to create a personalized account experience.
Second Ticket Free
There is no charge for a second ticket issued within the same PNR.
Airport Delay Advisory
Use this toll-free number to determine the on-time status at major airports during severe weather or other disasters. This number is available at no charge to you or your travelers. Try it out! 800-962-0022.
Language Interpreter Service
CCRA has on call access to over 1000 language interpreters covering 150 different languages. This service is ideal for non-English speaking travelers. Travelers must be able to communicate which language service they require. LIS is also designed for clients traveling abroad who find themselves in “emergency” situations (i.e. hospitalization, emergency departures, etc).
Quarterly eBlast Updates
CCRA sends quarterly updates via eBlasts, to keep you informed and up-to-date on things in the travel industry.
Online Hotel Directory
Need to find a hotel fast? You'll get free access to our online hotel directory.

Custom Services

VIP Desk
VIP Desk provides your executive level clients the rapid, first-class global assistance that they expect. The VIP Desk is staffed with full-time agents with at least five years of travel industry experience, a proven track record of dependability and timeliness, and expert command of all GDS booking systems.
Expedited Call Service
Expedited Call Service offers faster priority call response in addition to our standard level of 24/7 travel agent assistance for existing or new reservations.
Personalized International Toll-Free Number
CCRA offers a single toll free number that can be dialed from anywhere in the world that subscribes to UIFN (Universal International toll -Free Number). These calls are identified to our staff as originating from an international location and usage of this number has no additional cost.
Manual Hotel Direct Bill
When a hotel cannot be direct billed through your GDS, CCRA will send a fax request for direct billing of a hotel. The fee for this service includes follow up with the hotel to ensure the passenger's room night is secured under the direct bill. Proper form is required and is stored under PCI compliance.
Agency Queue Monitoring (AQM)
AQM (Agency Queue Monitoring) Service is developed to monitor your online booking tool queue when you cannot. CCRA will issue tickets from PNRs placed in this queue according to guidelines provided to us by your agency. Pricing is based on monitoring frequency and number of queues to be monitored as well as the number of records in the queue and number of tickets issued.
Custom Phone Greeting
We can create custom phone greetings on request and to your specifications.
Catastrophic Advisory Program
Between the hours of 5PM and 9AM Eastern Time weekdays and throughout the weekends, CCRA staff will monitor global news feeds. If a catastrophe occurs, we will call your designated CAP responder.

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