Membership Renewals

Is it time to renew already?

We've got some new processes in place here at CCRA to ensure your membership is never interrupted, disrupted or corrupted. We want it to be as smooth as possible, so please read this page in its entirety.

How Renewals Work:

  With OSSN and TRUE, agents would receive a renewal notice pretty close to the end of a membership and ask them to renew at either or We've changed the process so that now when you join us, your membership renewal is automatic (unless you tell us otherwise) to make sure you don't have to repeat this process each year and your membership is never disrupted. As we have moved over to a completely new site and new platform, there have been some issues with memberships not completely transferring over, and sometimes that means a "special" renewal process. We've outlined below what you should do if you find yourself trying to log in and your membership expired and you didn't receive an email, or if you're about to expire and you're not sure what's going to happen.

If You Are
About to Expire

If You Are <br><b>About to Expire</b>

    If You Did Not Receive an Email:
  • Log In Under Membership Log In
  • Go to Membership Account under Account Admin
  • Click the Renew Button
  • Enter Your Renewal Discount Code at Checkout
  • You Will Receive Email Confirmation
  • Log in Now

If You Are
Already Expired

If You Are<br><b>Already Expired</b>

    We Have to Reactivate Your Membership:
  • Log In With Your Account Info
  • You Will Be Redirected Back to the Home Page
  • Click Reactivate Expired Membership Under Join
  • Select Your Membership Level
  • Check Out with Code REJOIN to Save $25.

Log In

About Renewal and Discount Codes


These codes tell the system that you're a returning agent and to charge you the renewal fee. If you forget to use this code, you'll be charged the full membership price as if you were a new agent. No, you cannot use these codes to get a discount if you in fact ARE a new agent. We'll know :)

Membership Type Discount Code Renewal Amount
Associate No Code Needed $99
TRUE TRUERenew $240
CCRA Supplier Partner PartnerRenew $795

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