Survey of 800+ Travel Agents Shows How Media Reports Are Impacting Mexico Travel

Are current media reports affecting your ability to sell travel to Mexico?

If they are, fear not. You’re definitely not alone, and the team at CCRA is here to help you address your clients’ concerns.

With news circulating the media concerning traveler safety in Mexico, we decided to survey over 800 travel agents on the subject last week, and the overwhelming majority (44%) said that they are seeking additional help and guidance in answering their clients’ toughest Mexico travel questions.

Only 10.9% of the respondents claimed that their clients refuse to travel to Mexico at all right now.

Less than a fifth of the agents surveyed said their clients were unaffected by the recent reporting on incidents in Mexico, and nearly a quarter answered that their clients are indifferent about it.


44.1% said that their clients are hesitant and have doubts about traveling to Mexico.


The survey results came from travel agents of all different backgrounds and accreditations, including corporate, leisure, and hosted sellers of travel. The highest percentage being IATA accredited at around 35%, with TRUE and CLIA making up nearly 45% of the 829 total.


Agents of all accreditations were surveyed


With so many travel professionals out there who specialize in travel to Mexico, we felt it was critical to gather together some of your best membership benefits to educate, empower and inform both you as an agent and your clients so that you can better respond to their concerns and continue delivering amazing experiences:


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Other Ways to Stay Informed on Mexico Travel

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