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The Isramworld Portfolio of Brands

The IsramWorld Portfolio of Brands was founded in 1967 as one of America’s largest tour operators. With 50 years of experience across 56 countries, they ensure that your clients will receive the highest level of service and you, their travel partner, the most comprehensive travel planning in the industry. The IsramWorld Portfolio of Brands is comprised of a portfolio of travel brands that all operate under the IsramWorld umbrella. Each brand in their portfolio takes travelers to different parts of the world and caters to a specific type of experience or guest.

Isram: The Isram portfolio of trips includes Jordan, Egypt, and The Middle East.

Latour focuses specifically on Latin America, with a myriad of trips to Central, and South America & Cuba.

Asian Vistas is a premier tour operator to Asia, and beyond.

EuropeToo offers travelers group and individual travel experiences to Europe, and beyond.

PrideWorld specializes in authentic, worldwide luxury travel experiences for the LGBT community, including custom crafted private itineraries and small group luxury departures.

A Woman’s View - as the name suggests, their A Woman’s View brand offers exciting, educational, and inspirational trips for women only, all over the world.

Belder-Gray, prides itself in being committed to philanthropic tours and voluntourism.

New to their product offering is Viaje En Espanol offering worldwide tours for Spanish-speaking travelers.

The Elite Travel Collection: Worldwide luxurious and indulgent travel experiences.

What The Isramworld Portfolio of Brands Offers:
  • Tours and customized vacations in more than 60 countries on 6 continents
  • Specialty travel
  • Car tours

2017 Preferred Commission Schedule

Valid for 2017 departures. As featured in The Isramworld Portfolio of Brands brochures or websites.

Isram Hosted/Escorted Tour Series - 12% commission

  • - EuropeToo
  • - Latour
  • - Asian Vistas
Latour Preplanned Tours/Country Combinations by Private Car (Minimum 7 Nights) - 15% commission

Cuba – All Programs except Havana Only 12% commission

Cuba - Havana Only - 10% commission

The Elite Travel Collection All Programs - 12% commission

  • - Isram Classic City Packages/Combinations (Minimum 2 together) - 12% commission.
  • - EuropeToo Customized FIT's in Private Car (Minimum 7 Night with Full Touring Program)
  • - Latour
  • - Asian Vistas Classic City Packages/Combinations, Car rentals; Hotels only (nightly rates/ 10% PrideWorld extra nights); Supplements - Room upgrades, Transfers, Private Car; Optional (for LGBT travelers) Tours; Special promotions; All other independent programs including “Plus” Tours & Shore Excursions.

Affinity Groups Quoted as Net.

Air - When air is sold separately, separate air commission will be quoted, if applicable.

PLEASE NOTE: ** Belize programs, Latin America Lodges, All Cruise Only/Cruise Inclusive Programs, “Chile Luxury in the Wilderness” earn 10% commission.

See a PDF of their commission structure here.

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