Can You Help Shape A Travel Entrepreneur's Business?

Many agents decide that a host agency is the best way to get the support and tools they need to sell travel.
We want to make sure we provide them the guidance they need to choose the host that's right for them.

Then Join CCRA As a Supplier Partner!

The Burning Questions

Isn't the TRUE Code a direct competitor of a host agency?
We don't see it that way.
We see the TRUE code as a choice for travel agents who want to start their own agency. That's not for everyone, and comes with a set of requirements and responsibilities some aren't interested in.
That's where you come in.
Many agents just want to sell travel. Period. We talk to hundreds of agents who are just getting started and are so excited to get into travel. But they need a level of support that only a host can provide. We want to be able to guide, recommend and match these agents with the host that's right for them
Can you promote host agencies AND the TRUE code?

Starting your own agency with a TRUE code can be a far different prospect than joining a host agency and/or becoming a franchise. We can objectively weigh the pros and cons of each choice and let the travel agents decide what's right for them.

Then why didn't you do this from the start?

We've spent the last 18 months really listening to our members needs as well as those who were not choosing to join CCRA or OSSN. The truth is that most businesses in the industry were taking for granted that an agent knew the difference between having a TRUE code and being hosted... and it really isn't crystal clear. There are benefits to BOTH and we want to help agents connect the dots.

Do the agents we recruit remain with CCRA?
If you earn them as customers,
they are your customers.

Agents who join CCRA and decide to become hosted will be IC agents with us for $99 per year. That way they can still enjoy the education and association benefits we provide, but still belong to you as their host.

Won't you just try to recruit them for TRUE?

We've already done that. When a new agent comes to us, we ask them what they want from their travel business. For those who do not want to start their own business from scratch, they need an alternative. A host agency is that alternative. We will honor and respect that decision, and we assume if it turns out being hosted isn't right for them, they'll let us know. We're not going to actively solicit your customers. That's a promise.

How do I market myself to your agents?
We'll help you.

We can offer email communication. Web banners. Enhanced directory listings. A presence at our events. The list goes on and on. Actually, the list is right here.

Why would I pay a competitor to market my business?

We hope you have read the last few questions and understand that we aren't competing with you. Our goal is to help travel agents thrive. If that means they'll do better with a host, we want to walk them to your door. We won't lose them, they'll still be able to utilize our association benefits.

Do you provide host agency recommendations?
We won't, but agents will.

Once an agent has chosen to join a host agency, the next question is which one. We will work hard to provide the best information possible, compare contrast and allow agents to review their experiences with you. We feel this is the best way to present all options to agents in a transparent way.

What if your suppliers conflict with the ones associated with my host agency?
It doesn't matter.

Our agents see marketing from suppliers of all shapes and sizes - through us and through everyone who they do business with. We are an open marketplace and have no exclusive agreements with any kind of supplier.

I'm sorry... What???

CCRA does not get involved in agency transactions EXCEPT for our hotel portal and our rate codes. Then we are involved with the commission payments. But that's it. We do not monitor or track performance. We really are an open marketplace for the agents to use or not use. If you are offering something stronger than what we have, then we'll feel really good about sending an agent your way. We'll be there for them in the background for networking, training, education and discounts.

Are your agents vetted?

When a travel agent joins us, they undergo a review that qualifies them to carry the CCRA badge. That means they should likely be a good fit for you too. Any additional requirements, screening or background checks are the responsibility of the host.

What is the market size for CCRA agents who need a host?

And growing every day. We can't be the only ones noticing the huge influx of new blood into the industry. These agents need education, training, guidance and direction. We want to make sure we're providing a connection to everything they need, including a host if that's what they want.

Why on earth would I want to do business with you guys?
Because we are renewing, rebooting, retooling and reinventing ourselves with a lot of lessons learned.

Let us prove to you that our vast resources, expertise and the power of our people can help ALL suppliers and travel agents succeed. Including host agencies. We can help you with your marketing, your distribution, recruiting and even your rewards. There is so much we can do together, so what are we waiting for?


How do we know what will suit a potential CCRA member best?
We'll really just ask what their goals are and what they think they'll need to be a success. Everyone is different and will have different requirements. An agency who chooses to join a CCRA Host Agency Member will still hold a membership with us as a $99 Independent Contractor.

The Big Opportunities

We see lots of brand new agents coming into the industry. They find us online, seek us out at shows and literally ring our phones off the hook to find out how to get started in the industry.

What Exactly Comes With a Membership?

When you join us as a Host Agency Member, we'll provide you with the opportunity to present your business to agents who enter our marketplace and need the support of a host. And we'll give you the tools to do it.

An Enhanced

We'll give you your very own enhanced profile/landing page on our site so that we can easily guide agents looking for a host to our list of partners. Present unique offers and language geared toward our agents and earn their business.

See Example


That's right - those are usually $4000! And we believe so strongly in offering our agents the very best options when it comes to a host, we want you to get out there and show them what you've got to offer.

See Example


This one is a $2200 value. We'll take your custom email and send it to our non-TRUE members letting them know that if they're looking for a host, we can help guide them to the right host for their business model and goals.

See Example

To Chapter

That's right. We'll approve you to take part in chapter meetings in any of our 80+ markets. You'll get up close and personal with our chapter members and let them know that a host has many benefits to offer.

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Let Us Help Guide Agents to Your Business!

Join CCRA as a Host Agency
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Margie Jordan
Margie Jordan

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