Hitting the Jackpot at Travel Agent Forum 2018 in Las Vegas

Hitting the Jackpot at Travel Agent Forum 2018 in Las Vegas


CCRA’s Margie Jordan, Holly Carrig, Brian Albano, Director of Global Supplier Relations and 15 chapter directors from all over the country came together for the Travel Agent Forum 2018 in Las Vegas April 8-11th and won big!

The event started Sunday with educational sessions, and Margie Jordan, VP of Agency Education sat on the Technology Bootcamp panel: Future Proof Your Travel Agency Business Using Technology; where she shared her tips and experiences with technology that helped make her a success.

Margie’s second panel for the week, Streamlining Processes: Tools and Tips of the Trade to Keep You on Track, offered agents new ideas to stay organized, work smarter, and still focus on clients after the trip is booked.

Panels continued throughout the week, with Brian Albano moderating the panel, Tapping into Domestic CVBs to Maximize Sales. This was a great hour listening to folks from the tourism boards from National Harbor, New Orleans, and Las Vegas. They shared new ways agents can work with tourism boards when planning trips to places they are unfamiliar with or booking a niche that they don’t usually book.

Holly Carrig, Director of Agency Marketing held meetings during the One-to-One sessions on Tuesday and was thrilled to report the level of interest and professionalism of the attendees she met with. It’s clear travel agents are here to stay, and are on the hunt for new ways to earn higher commissions, meet new suppliers, and find ways to take their agency to the next level (did we mention TRUE can do all that!?)

The trade show floor opened Tuesday evening and the room was packed with over 150 suppliers and 800 agents. The CCRA booth was front and center and had a constant stream of agents wanting to learn more about joining CCRA and obtaining a TRUE code. A special thank you to CCRA Directors and regionals: Stacey Billhartz, Lori Herran, and Hema Kahn for being in the CCRA booth and sharing their own experiences and passion for travel and CCRA!