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About Hainan Airlines

Since its beginning in 1993, Hainan Airlines has seen 23 years of safe operations and has accumulated over 5 million hours of safe flights maintaining an outstanding safety record and has been listed as one of JACDEC (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre) the World’s top 10 safest airlines for the third time. Hainan Airlines’ fleet is mainly comprised of Boeing 737s and 787s, and Dreamliners, A330 and A350s. As of July 2019, Hainan Airlines has 210 aircrafts in operation, which are used for both passenger and cargo transportation, and provide passengers with individual space including a spacious business class. Since 2011, Hainan Airlines, with its high quality service standards and continuous years of service innovation, has won nine consecutive global SKYTRAX five-star airline ratings.

Hainan Airlines inherits“Oriental hospitality”, advocates a “respect for the customer” service spirit, follows the “SMILE” service standard, passes on the “cherished experience” brand philosophy, highlights the “Oriental Beauty” new international brand image, becoming a world-class aviation enterprise and brand for the Chinese nation.

  • Safety & Punctuality
    We take safety and punctuality as the primary principles of our aviation services.

  • Manners & Elegance
    Using Eastern hospitality to make connections with friends all over the world, we accept different cultures and present a pleasant image of China

  • Innovation & Passion
    Using innovation to pursue the ideal of excellent service, our passion allows us to create a wonderful flying experience

  • Leadership & Teamwork
    Using teamwork to craft 5-star quality service, our team spirit contributes to a perfect journey

  • Equality & Love