Today’s travelers have never been more demanding.

They want the best of both worlds, expecting their travel agent to use their in-depth knowledge and expertise to create complex travel itineraries, but at the speed of an online booking giant.

That’s why Traveltek developed advanced dynamic packaging tools for travel agents and their trade and consumer websites, ensuring they remain top of their game in this fiercely competitive environment.

Traveltek’s solutions put agents and tour operators back in control, empowering them to hand-pick every facet of a customized travel itinerary, from flights and hotels to transfers and car rental, then sell them as one single package.

Cruise packaging is their forte too. Their market-leading cruise booking solution, CSI (Cruise Super Itinerary), enables agents to integrate cruise products with a vast range of popular and niche travel add-ons, creating packages that blow their offline and online competition out of the water.

Traveltek also provides live access to 300+ suppliers including hotels, airlines, cruise lines and ancillaries through the Traveltek API and offers agents and operators the unique capability to package their own products and services with third-party stock using their iTour Solution.

Their booking solutions are multi-lingual (English or Spanish), multi-currency (USD or GBP), multi-channel and multi-market, providing flexibility and choice for modern-day travel companies across the globe.

Dynamic packaging has never been easier. Combine your expertise with Traveltek’s tech know-how to create complex itineraries on one user-friendly web-based platform.

Traveltek is your one-stop shop for…

  • Retail travel agent booking systems
  • Tour operation booking systems
  • B2B & B2C websites
  • Cruise dynamic packaging

They were also named ‘World’s Leading Dynamic Packaging Solution Provider’ at the World Travel Awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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