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PJ Ott
PJ Ott
PJ Ott

CCRA Oregon Chapter Director


Meet your chapter Director, PJ Ott!

Hello! I'm Pamela (PJ), your Oregon Chapter Director. I am currently the Director of Romance and President of Wild Side Destinations & Destination Weddings. I have been a home based agent and member of CCRA for 12 years with specialties in the Caribbean, Mexico, South Pacific and Central America, as well as niche markets for Destination Weddings, Romance, Groups and Family travel.

I've spent years developing and creating relationships and have had many articles published by supported industry magazines, and spoken on panels regarding trends, branding, weddings and travel industry and agent issues. I can't wait to meet you and help you grow your travel business!

Please connect with me to learn more about what CCRA can do for you.

About CCRA Membership

I recommend joining CCRA as an Accredited Agency, and apply for a TRUE code. This is the best way to obtain a real travel industry accreditation based on your education, expertise and dedication to your business. I can help you through the process and get you ready to take that next step.

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