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Connie Caldwell
Connie Caldwell
Connie Caldwell

CCRA Louisville Chapter Director


Meet Your Louisville Area Chapter Director, Connie Caldwell!

You’ve heard of Army brats and PK’s (preacher’s kids)? Well, I grew up as an Avon employee’s shadow kid following Mom around as her assistant in everything from holding district meetings for 100+ to delving into reports knee deep. Couple that with the influence from my dad to be creative and resourceful and you get me...entrepreneurial, innovative, and visionary!

Together for over 34 years, my husband and I have raised our family, a daughter and twin boys, and I have supported his dream of a successful business from the ground up. Now, as an agency owner since 2006, the Travel Industry has given me a platform from which to build my own business and I want to share that experience and enthusiasm with everyone across my beautiful state of Kentucky so…

Come discover a community that shares your vision and passion to grow and learn. We are building a strong chapter that supports and inspires one another toward greater success in our businesses. Sure hope you’ll join us!

Please connect with me to learn more about what CCRA can do for you.

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