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     January 7, 2016

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     Olga Hellweg

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Serving the entire Denver area.
Olga Hellweg
Olga Hellweg
Olga Hellweg

CCRA Denver Chapter Director


Meet Your Denver Chapter Director, Olga Hellweg!

Thanks so much for checking out CCRA in Denver!

With 28 years of travel experience, I have been very active in the travel community. I have been our Chapter Director for over 10 years and currently serves on the boards of Skal International/Colorado Chapter and APTA (Association for the Promotion of Travel to Africa). I am also a member of ASTA and the Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce. I have owned my travel agency for the past 20 years and am proud to have an A+ accreditation with the Denver/Boulder BBB.

My goal as the Denver Chapter Director is to be supportive of both those with extensive experience in the travel industry and those just beginning their careers in the industry. I can't wait to meet you and help you grow your agency!

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