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     December 31, 2015

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     Maria J. Alba

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CCRA has thriving markets in South America, including Argentina. Joining us is a great way to harness the power of the US travel market, connect with new suppliers and grow your business.
Maria J. Alba
Maria J. Alba
Maria J. Alba

Director | CCRA Argentina

+54 9 11 54525153

Meet Your Director, Maria Alba!

Maria J. Alba as a tourism hearted person, began her trade experience in different countries before establishing herself back at her homeland Argentina. She worked for tour operators (Maktour, Moinhotour in Brazil), as well as hotel chains (Hyatt, Worldhotels), opening business channels between so different markets like Brazil, USA, Germany, Belgium and Europe in general; and establishing afterwards branches of those companies she worked with in Buenos Aires, like Worldhotels and Maktour. Maria is responsible for ensuring that our Argentinian market brings you the very best suppliers we have to offer, and that our members in Argentina are making the most of their memberships.

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