CCRA's New National Chapter

Travel Agents In The U.S. & Internationally Can Now Join CCRA’s New National Chapter

CCRA has announced the formation of a National Chapter for travel agents looking to grow their businesses with the support of a peer community. Members within the National Chapter will eventually have the opportunity to graduate up to a physical chapter after a specific region has developed.

The first chapter meeting for the National Chapter will take place on Friday, January 27th and will be an educational session for agents hosted by Margie Jordan on the topic, “Growing Your Business with Social Media”.

“Helping agents grow their businesses and maximize their profitability and potential is a huge priority for me and CCRA. The National Chapter will give CCRA members the opportunity to work together to focus on learning skills and best practices to continue to strengthen their agency. We plan on having some very exciting educational webinars featuring CCRA Regional Directors and some of our amazing supplier partners. The goal with the National Chapter is to develop new chapters and continue to give support to CCRA Members.”
Margie Jordan, VP of Membership Services
Margie Jordan, VP of Membership Services

Interested in joining the National Chapter?

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