Meet Your Regional Directors

Our senior-most membership leaders, these four travel industry gurus are here to help you and your chapters thrive! Connect with them today!

Northeastern US Region

Hema Khan, MCC

Hema has been a Regional Director with CCRA since 2013, and is one of our finest mentors, coaches and travel experts. She is dedicated to helping all of our Chapter Directors and Members in the Northeast grow their businesses. Hema is a TRUE code holder, a member of and owns Kirkwood Travel, a small host agency based in Voorhees, New Jersey.

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Southeastern US Region

Valerie Gossett

Valerie is our newest Regional Director, based in Savannah, GA, one of the top destinations in the US. She runs a very successful travel agency, Premier Resources Travel. Valerie has deep experience in sales, marketing and team building, and is a phenomenal asset to our members looking to grow their businesses in those areas.

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Southwest US Region

Micky Dixon, CTA, ACC

Micky is a longstanding Chapter Director for CCRA's San Antonio Chapter, leading one of the company's most dynamic chapters and playing a pivotal role in transforming the culture of CCRA's chapter network since the acquisition of OSSN by CCRA in 2013.

As the owner of Travel Planning for YOU!!, Micky has deep industry experience that will be invaluable to her Chapter Directors and to her members. The longtime agent also lived in Europe for more than 20 years and is uniquely equipped to serve as an adviser to the 13 chapters under her purview. She holds many industry certifications and is well versed in today's travel industry marketing trends. Her website, makes use of CCRA's TRUESites platform.

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Western US Region

Margie Jordan

Growing up Margie was inquisitive, always exploring everything in technology and nature and how it all intertwined. It was her techy vision, intertwining travel and strategic social media advances, driving her as CCRA’s Vice President Membership Services. In this role, Margie oversees member service functions comprised of strategic partnerships, business development, marketing, meetings and special events.

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