Meet Your Regional Directors

Our senior-most membership leaders, these four travel industry gurus are here to help you and your chapters thrive! Connect with them today!

Northeastern US Region

Hema Khan, MCC

Hema has been a Regional Director with CCRA since 2013, and is one of our finest mentors, coaches and travel experts. She is dedicated to helping all of our Chapter Directors and Members in the Northeast grow their businesses. Hema is a TRUE code holder, a member of and owns Kirkwood Travel, a small host agency based in Voorhees, New Jersey.

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Southeastern US Region

Valerie Gossett

Valerie is our newest Regional Director, based in Savannah, GA, one of the top destinations in the US. She runs a very successful travel agency, Premier Resources Travel. Valerie has deep experience in sales, marketing and team building, and is a phenomenal asset to our members looking to grow their businesses in those areas.

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Midwest US Region

David Appleby, MCC

David is our most senior Regional Director, having joined OSSN and later CCRA in 2005. His charismatic leadership of the Midwest US has been one of the highlights of our members' experience with CCRA and his ability to coach, mentor and assist all of CCRA's members has been his hallmark. A longtime owner of Texas Cruise and Travel and a TRUE travel expert, his qualifications are extensive and critical to our success.

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Western US Region

Keith Powell

As a well known author, motivational speaker and business expert, Keith rounds out our team of Regional Directors with an absolute dedication to improving the way you view your goals, your business and your skill set. He has become a guru to many of our agents seeking to expand their knowledge and improve the way they communicate with their customers. He has been with us since 2013 and one of our most sought-after colleagues!

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