CruiseWorld this year took place from November 15th – 17th and it was a nonstop event!

The CCRA team included Margie Jordan, VP of Membership Education, Holly Carrig, Director of Membership Services, Hema Khan, Northeast Regional Director, Valerie Gossett, Southeast Regional Director, and Anne Smith, Baltimore Chapter Director. And let us tell you, it was a real dream team!

Our first engagement was held on Wednesday where Margie and Holly met with Cruiseworld’s Star Agents. Star Agents are a diverse and pre-select group of professionals who range from seasoned agents well established in the industry to promising and developing advisors all who continuously demonstrate professionalism, commitment and growth potential. Set up as round-table meetings we met with 10 agents at a time for 15 minutes, once the event had concluded we had successfully met with 30 agents, some very well familiar with CCRA and others hearing of us for the very first time.

The most exciting time in all of our opinions had to have been our General Session the next morning. CCRA presented an exciting, and right on target presentation titled “Travel Agency Business Models 101”. This presentation hit home with each and every agent in our audience. As always Margie lead our session as an exceptional moderator who kept the audience engaged at all times. Our panel consisted of our dynamic Regional Directors, Hema Khan and Valerie Gosset, Chapter Director, Anne Smith and Holly Carrig. The business ideas, suggestions and examples that Hema, Val and Anne shared with our audience were priceless and the audience couldn’t get enough! We needed more than an hour!

Overall, CruiseWorld consisted of more than 800 agents this year. When the exhibitor showcase opened our booth was packed and nonstop! Hema, Val and Anne worked tirelessly in our booth mentoring with new agents and educating all agents on TRUE Accreditation.

We always consider our time at CruiseWorld a success, but this year really knocked it out of the park. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, round-table, and session. We look forward to continuing our conversations with you!

Contact anyone one the team at or +1 800-771-7327