Sending your clients to Argentina just got less expensive!

If your travelers are looking for the perfect destination that marries relaxation, luxury, adventure and culinary delight, look south to Argentina! And with the new information coming about their tax refund policies, the deals are getting better and better. Per the NY Times travel article published on June 29th, travelers who make purchases with an international credit or debit card will be refunded the country's 21% value-added tax. That adds up to BIG savings.

Our goal is to position Argentina among the world’s top travel destinations by making it more competitive and affordable. To do so, we have been implementing a range of new policies,” said Roberto Palais, the executive chairman of the National Institute of Tourism Promotion.

United States citizens were previously required to pay a $160 visa reciprocity fee before entering the country that is being removed, as well as currency restrictions put in place by the former government.

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