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TAP Air Portugal is part of CCRA's Air Program. If you're booking TAP Air Portugal through the GDS today, consider joining CCRA's airline program to start taking advantage of preferred international commission opportunities.

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About TAP Air Portugal

For more than 70 years, TAP has been a pioneer in connecting Portugal to the world and the continents to each other. We were born in a country of explorers. We grew, changed and followed the innovations in aviation. In the beginning of 2016, we laid the foundations for a new era of investment and renovation. Since then, the new TAP became a reality: a more modern airline, in line with passenger satisfaction. Step by step, we strengthen our commitments to the future, connecting people, economies and communities. And we are increasingly establishing as Portugal’s largest exporter and promoter in the world.

Air Portugal Offers
  • International flights
  • CCRA Air commission program
  • Group Fares for 10 to 40
  • Stopover packages
  • Bid for upgrades
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