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Air New Zealand is part of CCRA's AirSelect Program. If you're booking Air New Zealand through the GDS today, consider joining CCRA's airline program to start taking advantage of preferred international commission opportunities.



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About Air New Zealand

Who are we? - Air New Zealand has been connecting travellers for over 75 years, averaging 500 flights a day within a network of 51 cities in 17 countries including 22 destinations within New Zealand. North American services include non-stop flights to New Zealand from Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and Honolulu.

We are different – Air New Zealand’s success is grounded by a focus on true product innovation and a commitment to delivering a world-class flight experience to every customer.

Why should you book Air New Zealand? – Simple. It’s the innovative cabin features like Economy Skycouch™ or their Premium Economy Spaceseat™ or the thoughtful little touches like being able to order drinks and snacks on demand from your touchscreen between meals. And aside from built-in comfort, it’s really is the crew which truly sets them apart – helpful and professional, without losing that down-to-earth Kiwi touch.

Air New Zealand Offers:
  • International Flights
  • CCRA AirSelect Commission Program
  • Travel Agent Rates – valid for IATAN card holders
  • Group Rates for 10 or more - Online Request Form
  • Economy Skycouch seating option
  • Company Advantage -for small to medium sized companies
  • Explorer Pass
  • Agent Training Modules on the Travel Agent Website
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