3 Tips to Make Booking Small Cruises Easier with eWaterways


The life of a professional Travel Agent is never easy.

Clients expect you to know of all the promotions and offers and early bird discounts applicable at any time, all the time, which seems like an impossible task. How can one keep track of so many things?

1) By partnering with eWaterways, agents can access many of the small ship cruises promotions available at any time, with just a simple search. The cruise deals tab on eWaterways.com website is a simple and effective resource. Not only to respond to various clients’ requests but to create personalized newsletters, market destinations, educate clients and keep them informed.

2) eWaterways also offers special discount fares and familiarization trips for their agents to help them reach their professional potential. Want to visit a destination, know more about a ship, specialize on a type of small ship cruise travel? They can help, just reach out!

3) They have a small ship travel guide on eWaterways.com to help you learn all you need to know about rivers, coasts and canals, a library of geography, what to see and do and a source of endless inspiration – a free resource at your fingertips.

eWaterways is the largest consolidator of River Cruises, Yachts, Expedition Ships, Sailing Ships and Hotel Barges. By registering on their travel agent section of their website, you can gain instant access to research, the ability to compare and book more than 2,000 itineraries around the world, operated by over 400 suppliers with more than 1200 ships.

They work with travel agents of all affiliations and help them at all the stages of the booking process. Join eWaterways today!

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